Feel the Love (aka Blogger Love: Caroline)

Hi, everyone! For my February Tuesday posts, I wanted to do something a little special. It’s the month we celebrate love and I’d like to take the opportunity to show some love to the fashion bloggers who inspire me every day. So after you read these little blurbs, please go check them out! Each one is a strong, fashionable ladyboss and they will inspire your socks right off!

First up is my internet icon, Caroline of Unfancy. I’ve read through her entire blog archives twice. She’s a hugely precious human being, and has this always-dreamy, cool/urban-but-hipster style down pat. The blog’s major take-off came from her capsule wardrobe 101 series. To refresh and for personal reasons, Caroline stopped blogging in Spring 2015; however, she just announced that Unfancy will officially be back later this week!! If you haven’t heard about her before, go get caught up! If you have, I hope you join me in celebrating the Unfancy revival!

Stay sparkly!


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